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Friday 28th July
Paul VI Centre
Saturday 29th July
Paul VI Centre
Sabina Cappello
Truth vs. Lies: God's View on Marriage and Sexuality
“I am not a biologist,” retorted a prominent US leader when asked to define what a woman is. This mindless answer uncovers the extent of the current cultural war raging on globally. The workshop is designed to refute the lies of our time by shedding light on the truth of the creation of man: marriage, sexuality, and chastity. The Theology of the Body will be our guide leading us back to the Beginning where God’s intent on creating man as the unity of the two—two distinctive, and yet complimentary and reciprocal modes of being a human person—is revealed. The session will be concluded with a prayer to respond to God’s call to love.
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Location: Bom Pastor A/B
Andreas Sauter
Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: How to Reach Muslims for Christ
Importance of reaching out to other faith. Using a personal testimony in evangelisation. Responding to common misconceptions Muslims have about catholic faith. Having Meaningful dialogues with Muslims in order to build relationships and foster understanding.
Location: Salao Joao Paulo
Jeff Lockert
You Were Made for Greatness: becoming a Magnanimous and Humble Leader
“The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness.” - Pope Benedict XVI
More than ever, our world and our Church are in need of young men and women who bring hope to world as virtuous leaders.
We all exercise leadership in our families, friendships, workplaces, communities and in the Church. We can all grow in our leadership character and competency so that we can make an even greater difference in the lives of others.
This session will offer inspirational and practical insights for anyone seeking to grow and be a more fruitful leader.
Location: Sala sao Jose
Andre Regnier
Building a Daily transformative prayer life
Do you encounter the Lord daily? Do you struggle with what to do in prayer? This workshop will give you confidence in prayer. You will leave here with a desire to deepen your relationship with Jesus daily and out of this deepening communion, your heart for the mission will grow daily. You will receive a copy of CCO’s booklet on how to have prayer time and use it as a guide to conversation with God and help you to establish a habit of daily personal prayer.
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Location: Amphitheatre
Stacey Campbell
Living out the Charism of Prophecy
In the Bible, we see that prophecy is a charism used in evangelization. The Scripture teaches that prophecy is for unbelievers (1 Cor. 14:24). So how do we use this gift day by day – at work or in the marketplace – to win people to Jesus? Filled with real life examples, you will be inspired as you hear how the power of prophecy changes lives and hearts.
Location: Sala 13 septembro
Pete Burak
The Game Changer: Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit
A new evangelization needs a new Pentecost. Through baptism and confirmation, all disciples receive supernatural power to spread the Gospel but for many of us, those gifts and charisms are lying dormant. In this Spirit-filled worship, Pete will unpack what it means to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, how we can understand and utilize the charisms, and give practical and inspiring tips on how to walk by the Spirit.
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Location: Amphitheatre
Erick & Elizabeth Schenkel
How to use the Jesus Film in evangelization
Imagine Having a Relevant Way to Start a Conversation about Jesus with Anyone You Meet. To hear a story is powerful. But to see it happen — and to hear Jesus speak in your language — is life-changing. The internet has allowed for the Great Commission to reach the farthest parts of the world, even in countries where it is illegal to own a Bible. Learn how you can utilize this tool in Evangelization.
Location: Sala 13 septembro
Gian Luigi
The Science of Faith: Proving God's Existence Through Evidence”
Science is falsely accused of proving God does not exist but this is not the truth. While science
cannot prove God does not exist, there is a mountain of scientific evidence pointing squarely at our
Creator. To challenge the idea that science and faith cannot coexist. But can complement each other
Explaining the five notions presented by St. Thomas Aquinas as logical arguments for the existence of God.
Providing examples and illustrations for each of the five ways. With a Q&A session at the end.
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Location: Bom Pastor C
Edwin Fawcett
Unveiling the Hidden Treasures Within: Nurturing Mental Health and Personal Growth
A pandemic of mental health problems is causing suffering to young people across the globe. How does Jesus feel about this? What wisdom can the church offer in a world of emojis? In this interactive workshop with Catholic psychotherapist Edwin Fawcett we will unpack heart, mind and will - how they work, how problems can arise - and discover where healing and growth can be found. Including a quiz, a grounding and awareness practice, and time for Q&A.
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Location: Salao Joao Paulo
Fr Rob Galea
Heart of Worship
This workshop is for worship leaders. Leaders will walk away understanding the Purpose of Praise & Worship and the role of a Worship Leader. This workshop will address the practicals of selecting songs, creating an atmosphere and leading with authenticity and humility. There will also be time for Q&A and discussion.
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Location: Bom Pastor A
Mathew McCluskey
Presentation Evangelism
100s of Millions will come to Christ in this coming decade. Many of those will come to Christ as the Church is equipped for 1-on-1 personal evangelism ministry.

But many millions of those will come as those who have the spiritual gift of evangelism, or who are called to the office of evangelist, are equipped to preach the Gospel in front of thousands. Come and learn the basic principles of preaching the Gospel in front of crowds of non-believers, and learn more about you can be grafted into a family who is seeing 10,000s won to Christ every single week around the world. The traditional Catholic nations of the world are primed for a mighty wave of salvations. Come and become a part of that.
Location: Sala 13 Mai