Arise International

About us

  • Arise International is a relational based international movement of young adults dedicated, through the grace of our own encounter with Christ, to raising a generation of
    Leaders to be apostles of Charity and Truth for the mission of the Church.


  • is the founding movement behind Caritas in Veritate International a confederation of 32 organizations for integral development and human progress at the direct
    service of the Holy Father. It’s spirituality: Charity needs to be based on, and incorporates, the Truth: who is not a concept, nor a philosophy but a Person, the Son
    of God: Jesus.


  • was founded in 1994 in Malta; with more than 800,000 touched worldwide 3,000 young families and several hundreds of lay missionaries; since 2000 in USA with
    25,000 young adults, 8 communities, and 26 lay missionaries.

Arise International


  • relates to various Pontifical dicasteries in the Vatican, such as Cor Unum, Council for Laity, Council for the New Evangelization, Congregation of Faith and
    Propoganda Fidae. Its’ leaders have met in person several times Pope John Paul 11 and Pope Benedict XVI, the last time has been October 17th, 2011


  • its’ vision is to raise a generation of leaders, man and women of God, committed husbands and wives, and parents, empowered by the Holy Spirit, open to the Gospel of Life and equip students to reach out to other students with scientific and latest contemporary proofs of the existence of God- which is systematically being
    attacked. (this is achieved through seminars, international events, internet, fora for leaders, discipleship, mentoring, university ministry, basic cell group structure, formation and mission experiences)


  • is an expression of the spirituality of communion, where individuals from varying countries, cultures, movements and groups come together to be enriched through
    friendship ( the sharing of their lives), mentoring the sharing of their experiences), and collaboration (the sharing in common work apostolate). This “communion” expresses itself in the “mission” of the Church.(At the threshold of the Third Millennium it is clear that the Church’s ability to evangelize requires that she strive earnestly to serve the cause of unity in all its dimensions. Communion and mission go hand in hand. Novo Millennio Ineunte 24 John Paul11;see also NMI 43)