Fr Rob Galea

Speaker & Worship Leader

Fr Rob Galea is an ordained Catholic Priest and is currently serving in Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria after moving to Australia from Malta, his home country. He is the founder and executive director of FRG Ministry, a charity organisation that ministers to over 1,400,000 people each year across the world.

Fr Rob is an internationally acclaimed author, singer, and songwriter with one book (Breakthrough), a reflective journal, and eight album releases. After being selected to sing and write the English and International versions of the official 2008, 2016, 2019 and 2023 World Youth Day songs, Fr Rob entered the realm of the cast of musicians having performed in some key events before an estimated single live audience of over 1,000,000 people. He has been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows worldwide, and was a contestant in Australia’s 2015 The X Factor.

Fr Rob’s book Breakthrough is intended to be released as a Hollywood movie in 2025. Fr Galea has a significant evangelistic and outreach ministry as a speaker to students and teaching staff, as well as speaking and singing at conferences and churches around Australia and the world.  In all this, whilst greatly appreciating his gifts, he recognises that before everything he is a follower of Christ, a priest and only then, a speaker, musician and artist.