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YAI 2011: Gibraltor
The Diocesan Youth Ministry of Gibraltar hosted the YAI International Youth Festival from August 11-14, 2011. Since the WYD 1997 in France, YAI has closely worked with
the World Youth Day organizers to hold its international festival to prepare the youth pilgrims through prayer, formation, and fellowship.

16th May at 18.00hrs

Damascus Vatican Premier Roma

16th May, 2011
Hosted by His Eminence Card. Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo President for Year of St Paul declared by Pope Benedict XVI
More that 40 members from the diplomatic corp assigned to the Holy SEE , Church officials, leaders of movements, organizations, Covenant Communities, the
Charismatic Renewal and leaders from more than 26 Nations will be attending the Premier.
This is being hosted by Youth Arise International , Agape for Media Damascus in collaboration with the Catholic Fraternity of Covenant Communities with Pontifical Right.
Seats at the Auditorium and at an over flow hall have been taken 11 days before the Premier. .